VW Passat B5 3B Black Angel Eyes Headlights (1997-2000) - K2 Industries
VW Passat B5 3B Black Angel Eyes Headlights (1997-2000) - K2 Industries
VW Passat B5 3B Black Angel Eyes Headlights (1997-2000) - K2 Industries
VW Passat B5 3B Black Angel Eyes Headlights (1997-2000) - K2 Industries
VW Passat B5 3B Black Angel Eyes Headlights (1997-2000) - K2 Industries
VW Passat B5 3B Black Angel Eyes Headlights (1997-2000) - K2 Industries
VW Passat B5 3B Black Angel Eyes Headlights (1997-2000) - K2 Industries

VW Passat B5 3B Black Angel Eyes Headlights (1997-2000)

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SKU: K2-1391-VW-008-HL
Meet the VW Passat B5 3B Black Angel Eyes Headlights (1997-2000)

Introducing the VW Passat B5 3B Black Angel Eyes Headlights (1997-2000) – a sleek upgrade for your car. Enhance your driving with meticulously designed black headlights, featuring captivating Angel Eyes for bold style and improved visibility. Upgrade your Passat B5 3B effortlessly with this eye-catching enhancement.

  • For VW Passat B5 3B (1997-2000)
  • Premium quality and design
  • Black housing with Clear lens w/ blinker
  • High-Quality LED Light Upgrade
  • SAE, DOT, and E-Mark Approved
  • With electr. Headlight range adjustment including a servomotor
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Plug and Play & No Codes
  • Bulb type: H7 * 2.2.3W * 8
  • 1 Set of Lights (Left + Right)
  • Brand New


  • Halogen Bulbs are not included.
  • Please expect up to 10 days until fulfilled in the case that this product is not stocked in our USA warehouse.

Effortlessly enhance your Passat B5 3B with Black Angel Eyes Headlights – adding a sleek touch to your stylish drive. Elevate your journey effortlessly.

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