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BMW 3-Series E46 Sedan Full Over Fender Kit with Vented Front Fenders - ABS OR Fiberglass

SKU K2-1003-BMW-025-OFR
Original price $360.00 - Original price $900.00
Original price $900.00
$360.00 - $880.00
Current price $590.00

Introducing our Full Over Fender Set for BMW 3-Series E46 Sedan (1999-2006)

Our Full Over Fender Set is not just about aesthetics; it's also engineered to enhance your car's drifting capabilities. The increased width provided by these fenders allows for a wider track, improving stability and control during high-speed maneuvers and drifts. Whether you're a seasoned drifter or just getting started, these fenders will help you push your BMW's performance to the limits, making it easier to handle in challenging driving conditions.

We understand that car enthusiasts demand products that can withstand the rigors of daily driving, track days, and drift events. That's why our Full Over Fender Set is crafted with durability in mind. Here are some key durability features:

Key Features:

  • Material Options:
    • ABS Plastic Version: Suitable for both Facelift and Pre-Facelift models
    • FRP Fiberglass Version: Also available for both Facelift and Pre-Facelift models
  • Full Set (Front and Rear):
    • Front Overfenders: Feature a New Vented Design
    • Wider Than Stock: The front adds 50mm of width, and Rear adds 30mm of width
    • Inclusions: 4 pieces (Left and Right)
  • Finish:
    • Fiberglass Version: High Gloss, Black Gel Coat Finish
    • ABS Version: Black ABS Finish
  • Both versions are meant to be prepped and painted before use
  • Location: Ships from Florida, USA

Fitment and Installation: Our over-fender set is designed for guaranteed fitment, typically requiring minimal to no trimming or repairs. In the unlikely event of significant damage or issues, our dedicated team is just an email away to assist you.

For optimal results and peace of mind, we recommend professional installation by experts experienced with aftermarket automotive ABS Plastic products.

Additional Considerations: Please be aware that due to the nature of ABS Plastic manufacturing, some fitting, trimming, filling, grinding, and prep work may be necessary before final installation and painting.

While we stand by the quality of our product, K2 is not responsible for any extra fees incurred for repairs or proper installation. Additionally, refunds will not be issued for minor issues or damages.

Variations Available:

  • Full Set (Front and Rear): Includes 2 pcs (50mm) front and 2 pcs rear (30mm)
  • Front Only: Includes 2 pcs front (50mm)
  • Rear Only: Includes 2 pcs rear (30mm)

Upgrade your BMW 3-Series E46 Sedan with our Full Over Fender Set, available in both ABS Plastic and FRP Fiberglass versions to suit your preferences and model type. Experience enhanced style and performance with these wider fenders, designed for guaranteed fitment and a striking presence on the road.