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BMW E38 Cassette Box Drawer Conversion / Extra Storage / Life Improvement

SKU K2-1098-BMW-029-STRG
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The cassette storage was one of the options for high-end E38s, but now they're pretty much useless and a nuisance when you try to put anything practical in it nowadays. This simple drawer conversion is a great improvement of life mod that make good use of that space with an elegant look while maintaining the OEM aesthetics as well as the wood cover door. Made with high-quality carbon fiber infused PETG that is both extraordinarily rigid and chemoresistant. Repeatedly tested by hundreds of customers, refined time after time just for the perfect fitment.

This is a 3--D printed product, we use industrial-grade machines and premium plastic filaments to deliver the most solid product we could achieve. However natural variables such as temperature fluctuation and thermal expansion could still cause minor surface deviation, and layer lines are always visible, which are normal and do not affect normal usage. Please be aware prior purchase.

Shipping time can take up to 3 weeks, but is usually less, (around 10 days)
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